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Elias P. Hester was married to Harriette Elizabeth Kilgore, daughter of Allen and Harriette Bush Kilgore. Her grandparents were Robert and Ann Smith Kilgore and Jasper and Polly Srowd Bush. Elias and Elizabeth were married on June 13, 1865. She died in Colony, Washita County, OK on June 21, 1908. I know that E.P. went to medical school in Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, fought in the Civil War, was a prisoner and when he was discharged went to Clairborne Parish to be close to his brother W.D. Hester.

Do you know if there is any connection to this Benjamin Hester....to the family of Stephen Hester b. NC d. Henry Co., TN; m. Sarah Sears...had children (1)John Hester, b. 1817 Obion Co., TN m. Elizabeth Simmons; (2) Benjamin Hester b. ca 1856 m. Rhoda Harpole

Dear Linda, I know of no conncection for Benjamin Hester's family to Tennessee. However some of his nieces and nephews did in fact move to Tennessee, maybe you will find a link there. Benjamin was the son of William and Mary Whicker of Granville CO.,NC, my ggggg-grandparents. This distinguished family has descendents throughout the Southern United States. Some Tennessee ties: Mary Hester, dau. of William Hester,Jr [ one of Benmjamin's brothers, married a Phillip Yancey and moved to Williamson Co.,Tn.; Robert Hester, son of the same William Hester Jr., moved to Pitt Co.,Tn; Benjamin Hester, son of the same William Hester Jr., moved to Tennessee; Lucy Hester, dau. of the same William Jr., married Absolom Fields and moved to Williamson Co.,Tenn.; Jennie Hester dau. of the same William Jr., married the husband of her late sister Mary, Phillip Yancey in Williamson Co.,Tenn.; Garland Hester son of Francis Hester, grandson of of Willlam and Mary died in 1860 in Smith Co.,Tenn, his sister Milly married a Solomon Hayes and moved to Bradley Co.,Tenn.; John Hester, son of Zachariah Hester, grandson of William and Mary, married a Frankey Bates and moved to Tenn.; his brother Jeremiah married a Polly Minor and moved to Tenn.; his brother Benjamin Hester also moved to Tenn. There may be more connections of my family to Tennessee and I will keep looking.........they were very prolific and adventuresome and loved to use the same names, over and over. I've spent more than twenty years researching them. Talk to you later if I find more ...........Regards, Carl Hester

Seeking info on Father of William Hester/Hesters born 1790,possibly Granville/Bladen co.,NC He was married to Elizabeth Nelums/Nelms born NC. Don't know if they were md in NC or after their families migrated to Georgia. They were in Appling Co.,Ga. by 1836. Census records show the following children as all being born in Ga. 1)Rebecca Hesters b. abt 1814
2)George Washington Hesters b.abt 1820-1827
3)William Richard Hesters b.abt 1829
4)Elizabeth Hesters b.abt 1834
5)Francis Marion b.abt 1839
Also searching for parents of David Hesters,b.abt 1810 NC and shows up also in Appling Co, near the above listed William Hesters. Family tradition says they were kin, but don't know relationship.

David Hesters shown on the 1850 census of Appling Co.GA is listed with no wife, but with 6 minor children, all born in NC.
1)Sarah A. Hesters age 11
2)David Hesters Jr, age 9
3)Elizabeth A.Hesters, age 8
4)Mary A. Hesters age 6
5)Dread Hesters, age 4
6)Julia Hesters, age 2
Also living in this household was Rachel Casady or Canady, age 35,b SC with her 3 children:
1)Mary, age 12
2)George, age 9
3)Henry, age 3
David Hesters later married Rachel Casady/Canady, abt 1860 and had a number of children born to them in Appling Co.GA.
There were also a David Hesters age 19 living in this household.

Benjamin Hester was father to Frances. She married Elijah Veazey around 1783 in Granville Co., NC. A second Frances (Frakey) Hester was married in 1809 to Ezekiel Veazey (son of Elijah and Frances I.) I also have William Veazey (another son of Elijah & Frances I) married to Nancy Hester in 1807 in Granville Co., NC. She is daughter of Joseph Hester. I have more on the Veazey's but that is all the Hester info I have. I would appreciate it if you help straighten them out? Hopefully, Barbara Anson

I am trying to locate a line of Hesters'from
Moultrie,Colquit county,Georgia. My grandfather was robert Bennett Hester married to Maggie L.Boyd. His dad was Zachariah Hester married to Carrie(Caroline) Gilbert. Any information would be helpful.
Keith M. Hester

I am looking for parents and family of Michael Hester(1760-1848)m to Joanna Melton of Granville Co., NC. Michael lived near a Zachariah. I often felt that they were related. Michael's descendants moved to Rutherford Co.,NC and then to Cleveland Co.,NC.

Yes, we are connected. Michael(1760-1848) m
Joanne Melton Feb 9, 1787. Henry(1796-1875)
married to Mary(1796-1870), James Michael(1824-1862) married to Elizabeth(1828-1849),
William Asbury (1849-1930) married to Nancy
Sophia Henderson(1854-1921), William Marvin(1880-1956) married to Lillian Estella Allen,
John Robert married to Edna Pitman and then me- Harriet Hester Johnson
I can give you info on our branch. Would love to have your info , too.
Do you have further back than Michael?
I saw your message to Carl. Is Frances(1650-1720) in my line?
I will check out your page.
Guess we are cousins!!!
Look forward to hearing from you. Harriet

William Hester was my ggggg-grandfather, however he was not born in S.C. but in Louisa Co., Virginia in 1714. His wife was Mary Whicker, the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Benton Whicker.William was the son of Robert Hester and Rachel McAllister Hester of Louisa, and the grandson of Francis Hester of New Kent Co., Virginia. I have extensive research on my line and if we are indeed related I would be happy to help.....................Regards, Carl Hester

1. Francis Hester (b.1650 in New Kent Va,d. abt 1720)m. bef 1685 in Va to the daughter of Edward Garland. Had Robert H.I Hester and Mary Hester.
2. Robert H. I Hester (d.aft26 Jul 1748 in Louisa Cnty, VA)m. 1706 in New Kent VA to Rachel Mcallister. They had 9 children, Francis, Zachariah, William, David, Robert II, Mary, Henry, Hugh, and John.
3. William Hester (b.abt 1716 in St.Peters Parish, New Kent Cnty VA, d. 18 Jul 1774 in Granville Cnty NC)m. Mary Wicker abt 1745.

I don't have any of their children. All my info is on my site at http://home.earthlink.net/~ccblack/index.html then in the Genealogy section view the archives and search for the person. There are currently 6193 people in there and I would love to add more. Any info would be appreciated. Please contact me about getting your GEDCOM file at ccblack@earthlink.net.


Clay, Robert Hester, son of Francis Hester, was born in St. Peters Parrish, New Kent County,VA., in 1686 [ from baptism records]. The children of his son William Hester and Mary Whicker Hester are: Lucy Hester, b.?, mar. Phillip Voss, Dec.30, 1808, d.bef.1830; William Hester Jr., b.?, mar. Mary Frazier, Dec.27, 1780, d.1816; Zachariah Hester, b.?, Mar. Sept.11,1782 to Elizabeth Frazier, after her death to Drucilla Badget, d.June 5,1837; Robert Hester, B.1745, mar. first Mary Parham and after her death to her sister Constant Parham, d. 1785; Benjamin Hester, b.1755, mar.Dec.23, 1778 to Mary Dyer , d. 1830's; Mary Hester, b.1760, mar. abt.1785 to Hugh Currin, d.Nov.9, 1818; Nancy Hester, b.abt.1765, mar. Aug.25, 1785 to Henry Claiborne Watson, d. bef.1830; Temperance Hester, b.abt.1760, mar.abt.1783 to Sowell Frazier, d.?; John Hester [ my gggg-grandfather] b. abt 1750, mar.Martha Frazier Dec.18,1783, d.Mar.1819; and lastly Francis Hester,b.Feb.13,1767, mar.Sept.29, 1795 to Mildred Frazier, d. 1812.................Regards, Carl Hester

The Lucy Hester who married Philip Vass in 1808 could not have been William and Mary (Whicker) Hester's daughter. She had children until at least 1825. Could she have been the daughter of William D. and Mary (Frazier) Hester? Lucy and Philip Vass had the following children(and maybe more): Thomas, John, William, Jeremiah, Sarah, and Anna.(I'm descended from Anna who married Thomas Franklin Bunn. Philip Vass moved his family to Carroll Co. VA.) Perhaps the name Jeremiah came from Mary Frazier's father Jeremiah Frazier?

Hello Maureen, Thank you for calling my attention to this error. Our family , like many others of the times, made the repetition of names a very common occurence. It certainly leads to confusion on the part of their posterity, doesn't it. William and Mary Whicker Hester did have a daughter, Lucy, however little is known of her, other than her dying prior to 1830. From " Wills and Estates of Granville County" by Zoe Gwynn, 1973. The Lucy I was thinking of was the granddaughter of William and Mary. She was the daughter of my gggg-grandfather, John and Martha Frazier Hester. Lucy, b. 1786, did indeed marry Philip Voss on December 30, 1808. Her marriage took place in Stokes County,NC., as well as all her siblings, because John and Martha lived in that part of Granville that changed to Stokes in 1789 when the county lines were redrawn. Guess I had my generations confused................Regards, Carl Hester

Yes, these names do repeat too much! I truly appreciate your response; you have filled in a missing generation for me. By the way, Vass/Voss seem interchangeable, probably due to the pronunciation.I have both spellings for Anna's surname. At one time it was apparently Vaux. Philip may have been the son of Rev. Thomas Vass of Granville Co. Philip and Lucy moved to Carroll County VA; other descendants have posted at the Vass GenForum.
Thanks again, Carl. It's great to have a confirmed link to the Hesters!

William Hester was indeed born in Louisa County, Virginia, the home of his father Robert Hester. After the death of Robert"1" around 1719-20, his estate was left to his oldest son Robert "2", according to English common law. Robert "1"'s estate was a large one as Robert "2" soon gave "for love and affection" to each of his sisters 200 acres and to each of his brothers, 300 acres " the old double standard". William sold his share and moved on to greener pastures in Granville, Co.,NC. You can find William's will in Granville County will book # 1,1772-1787, July 18,1774, proved in court Nov.1774. The home of Robert Hester"1" was probably close to his father Francis Hester's home, if not one and the same. Although all of the records about Francis come from New Kent County, remember that Louisa was formed from part of New Kent, and I think the place of residence never changed, only the county name. In the book "Old Home Places of Louisa County" on p. 112, there is this interesting clue," Mansfiled....................south side of route 613 near the waters of Christophers Run. The house is on 430 acres of land which James and Rebecca Hudson Tate sold to William Mansfield of Orange in 1783.The Tates had acquired this land in the 1770's through three separate purchases from Francis Hester"my ref.-nephew to Wiliam". The Hester land contained Francis's home place, which he received in 1748 from his father, Robert"my ref.- William's brother", an earlly settler in the area." Hope this helps...........Carl Hester, Dalton, Ga.

Hi Carl, thanks for your reply. I came across a gedcom file on Hester's and the names and places are veryu similar. I thought I would run some of these by you and see if they are among this line. Robert Hester I born 1686, New Kent Co.,VA. The following are his children: Robert Jr. (The Honest) b 1720, d.12 Mar 1770, Francis b.1712, Zacharias B.1714, William B.1716, David B.1718, Mary And Elizabeth b. 1722, John B.1730. Thanks again for your information. Cathy

Cathy, Yes this is my lineage you quoted although somewhat incomplete. Francis Hester, ca.1664-d.ca.1720, New Kent Co.,VA.; Robert Hester"1", b. New Kent Co., VA.1686-d.1748, Louisa Co.,VA. Robert married Rachel McAllister, abt.1708, they had the following children: Francis, b.abt1710, Robert, b.1712-d.abt 1769, mar. Barbera Cook; Zachariah Hester, b. abt 1716, William Hester, my ggggg-grandfather, b.abt.1714-d. 1774, in Granville C., NC., mar. Mary Whicker; David Hester, b. abt 1718, Henry Hester, b. abt.1720, d. ca.1747, Mary Hester, b. abt.1722, mar. Thomas Whicker, Hugh Hester , b. abt.1724-d. ca. 1750 and lastly John Hester, b. abt 1730, mar. Rachel Tate.................Regards, Carl Hester

This is INDEED the right line of Hesters! My husband is a descendent of William's son, William D. I just found someone's home page yesterday that had the line back as far as Francis. Does your research go back any farther than this? I am also interested in the genealogy of Mary Whicker (no wonder I couldn't find anything! I had it w/o the "h"), and Rachel McAllister. I am also searching for information on the following Hester wives:
Mary Frazier (wife of William D.), Elizabeth Williams (wife of John), Mary Ann Hardy(Wife of Allen Y.), Lucy Jane Maxwell (wife of John Williams Hester). Thank you so much for your help!

Hello Michele, or should I say "couisin". Your William D. Hester was born in 1745 in Louisa Co.,VA and died in 1817 in Granville Co.,NC. He married Mary Frazier on 27 Dec.1780, they had the following children:Mary,Lucy,Robert,Jeremiah,Benjamin,Martha,Affire,William,John and Jennie. Mary Frazier Hester wife of William D. Hester, died in 1828. I'm pretty sure I have something on her will but can't locate it now, will try later. Mary was the daughter of Jeremiah Frazier. You wanted to know more about Mary Whicker Hester, wife of William Hester [ 1714-1774]. Mary Whicker was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Whicker. Mary Whicker Hester died in 1808, her will dated July 7,1807. She left all her estate to her son in law Sowell Frazier, husband of her daughter Temperance, " who has for twenty years maintained me with out compensation". You asked about Francis Hester the grand old man of our clan, he most probably came from Oxfordshire, England, probably born there ca. 1664, however there is no proof of this to my knowledge. Many of us are working hard to find the answer to this riddle.I have a private mailing list of descendents of Francis and you may join if you like. Theres no fee and no list moderator, just a bunch of great people helping each other. Let me know if you want on it...............Regards, Carl Hester- Dalton, Ga

Found these William Hester comments yesterday and quickly ascertained that you people are all connected to my Hesters. My known Hester line is as follows (chronological order):
1. Francis Hester, wife unknown to me
2. Robert Hester (baptism recorded as 10
Oct. 1686 at St. Peters Parish Church,
New Kent Co., VA), wife unknown to me
3. William Hester, again wife unknown
4. Charles Hester (Took part in
Revolutionary War as a blacksmith),
wife unknown to me
5. John Hester m. Sarah Tate (both of S.C)
6. Green Berry Hester m. Mary "Polly"
Hughes (both of S.C. and later Cherokee Co., AL)
7. Joseph Haynes Hester m. Mary Elizabeth Blythe (this families residence
was in Randolph Co., AL
8. Arzorah "Zode" Hester m. John Wesley
Hall (this couple are my g-grandparents)

If any of you have knowledge of the missing wives in my above list, I would appreciate any direction you can give me. Also, if you need to know the dates of marriages, etc. not listed above; I'm willing to supply that information upon request

Hello Steve, Your lineage is correct from Francis Hester, who married ---- Garland, to Robert Hester, who married Rachel McAllister, to William Hester, who married Mary Whicker. However Charles Hester was not the son of William Hester, at least the William Hester of Granville Co., NC of whom I am descended. There were many William Hester's, maybe your Charles is descended from one of them. I'll do some checking for you and see what I can find.........Regards, Carl Hester

Jim Mullins, My Mother Lillie M. was a Hester. b 1910-Her father Charles Hester b.1879-His Father,William Larkin Hester,B.1838, his Father Bradford Dow Hester, b ? his Father Elijah Hester. his father Robert hESTER, HIS FATHER AND mOTHER WERE jAMES hESTER AND Francis Cook daughter of Abraham Cook and Sarah? You can reach me at rubyrain@centurytel.net

My name is Harriet Elizabeth Hester, b. 1/9/53 Stewart Co., GA - my father, Roy Martin Hester b. 9/27/09 Randolph, County, GA died 12/20/70 in Stewart Co. GA. My mother, Elizabeth Rausin Hester, b.3/13/30 Monroe, Co. TN. Roy Martin Hester raised by Martin and Maggie Hester. Roy's brothers were - Thomas Greenwood Hester, Frank Hester, Guy Hester, John Summerford Hester, Ralph Hester, and sister, Julia Hester Holland. My father's mother was Ada B. Summerford. I don't remember my grandfather's name. Would like to know who Ada B. Summerford's mother and father were and where they were from and who my grandfather's mother and dad were and where they were from. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Betty

John Hester Married Frankey Bates on 6 June 1812 in Granvilie Co. NC. John was one of nine children of Zachariah & Elizabeth Frazier Hester. I indicate that John had relocated to TN by 1824. Although this is not my line of Hesters John goes back to our ccommon ancestor Francis Hester in VA c 1655.


Russel Hester said...

My name is Russel Hester of Mobile Alabama. I am part of a line of Hesters that cannot seem to conect with anyone beyond my great-great grandfather, Stephen Hester b. abt 1790, who is clearly found in the Bartow county GA. Census for 1850. Recently however, I have found a Stephen Hester in the 1840 Census in Pickens District in Pickens, SC Stephen is listed with his wife and children falling into their proper age groups. As well, the 1830 Spartanburg Census lists Stephen Hester with his wife and two male children under five... again a perfect fit. Most of the Hesters in these areas during this period were children of Abraham Hester (son of Robert and Barbara Cook Hester). Is there any way to connect my Stephen with Abraham? Is there a will for Abraham? Or perhaps could he be the son of one of Abraham's brothers? If we can find Stephen's dad, I can add over a thousand Hesters to your list! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! revrehester

Patsy Swygert said...

My Hester line is William Hester b. 1820 in Old Pendleton District, South Carolina (Pickens, SC) and I believe we connect with the Hesters of Louisa County, VA. I would be very interested in comparing notes with you. Contact me at ptswygert@yahoo.com.

Thank you.